Drugs have been a part of popular culture for decades, and slang for LSD and other drugs are constantly evolving. From acid to XTC and everything in between, drug slang has been used as a way to code conversations about illicit substances and hide them from prying eyes. Let’s take a look at some lysergic acid nicknames.

Out of all slang terms for LSD, we’ve chosen our favorites! We think they’re very creative, and simply fun. Enjoy!

The Best Slang for LSD
Mind Detergent
Golden Dragon
Psychedelic Tyrannosaurus Rex
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Why Does Drug Slang Exist? 

Why Does Drug Slang Exist

The short answer is that drug slang exists to help people talk about drugs without being detected by law enforcement or other authorities. The long answer is that it’s a form of coded communication that allows users to share information about drugs without giving away what they’re actually talking about. This can range from discussing prices and availability to sharing tips on how to use different drugs safely.

LSD Psychotherapy (4th Edition): The Healing Potential of Psychedelic Medicine

In addition, some forms of drug slang are used by certain groups or subcultures as a way of bonding with each other or showing off their knowledge. For example, hip-hop artists often use slang for LSD in their lyrics to connect with their listeners on an emotional level and create an insider atmosphere of camaraderie.

Fun Fact

It’s not just the slang for LSD and other drugs, that’s coded. Sometimes it’s the whole way one interacts with another. For example, one might say or text “would you like to meet me in two hours?” to communicate they want two doses/grams of a substance. Of course, it’s not widely used or known, and each supplier may have their own ways.

Slang for LSD

Now let’s take a look at some terms related to slang for LSD. Here you go:

  • California Sunshine;
  • Cid;
  • Heavenly Blue;
  • Purple Haze;
  • Mellow Yellow;
  • Yellow Sunshine;
  • Bomba;
  • Battery Acid;
  • Boomer;
  • Blotter Acid;
  • Blue Mist;
  • Micro Dot;
  • Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds;
  • Sugar Cubes / Lumps;
  • Superman;
  • Pink Panthers;
  • Mind Detergent;
  • Psychedelic Tyrannosaurus Rex;
  • Window Pane / Glass;
  • Lucy Mae;
  • Golden Dragon;
  • Filippo;
  • Crazy Flip;
  • Zen;
  • Crazy Paper / Dropping Paper / Blotter Paper.
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Some of these slang for LSD examples are even provided by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) who investigate drug gangs and prevent our communities from illegal substance abuse.

Hofmann’s Potion: The Pioneers of LSD

And since you’ve just learned the street names for LSD, you might be interested in “Quotes on LSD.”

Are Drug Street Names State Specific? 

Are Drug Street Names State Specific

Yes! While much of the slang of LSD is used across the United States (and even internationally), there is also state-specific terminology for certain substances. For example, when it comes to hard drugs, cocaine is often referred to as “yayo” or “C dust” in southern states. Similarly, MDMA (ecstasy) may be referred to as “Molly” in one state but called “Everest” in another. This means that if you move around frequently or travel extensively, you may need to brush up on your local drug slang before engaging with any new communities!


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